Belgian Fantasy Football Rules

1. Selecting your initial squad

Squad size

When joining the game, you have to select a fantasy football squad of 15 players, consisting of:


The total value of your initial squad must not exceed €50 million.
You can select up to 3 players from a single Jupiler ProLeague team.

2. Managing your squad

Choosing your starting 11

From your 15 player squad, select 11 players by the Gameweek deadline to form your team.

All your points for the Gameweek will be scored by these 11 players.

Your team can play in any formation providing that 1 goalkeeper, at least 3 defenders and at least 1 forward are selected at all times.

Selecting a Captain and a Vice-Captain

From your starting 11 you nominate a captain and a vice-captain. Your captain's score will be doubled.

If your captain plays 0 minutes in the Gameweek, the captain will be changed to the vice-captain.

If both captain and vice-captain play 0 minutes in a Gameweek, then no player's score will be doubled.

3. Transfers

After selecting your squad you can buy and sell players in the transfer market. Unlimited transfers can be made at no cost until the opening day of the season.

After your first deadline you will receive 1 free transfer each Gameweek. Each additional transfer you make in the same Gameweek will deduct 6 points from your total score at the start of the next Gameweek.

If you do not use your free transfer, you are able to make an additional free transfer the following Gameweek. If you do not use this saved free transfer in the following Gameweek, it will be carried over until you do. You can never have more than 1 saved transfer.


All transfers (including those already made) in the Gameweek are free of charge.

The Wildcard chip can be used once a season. The Wildcard chip is played from the transfers page and can't be cancelled once played.

4. Deadlines

All changes to your team (starting 11, transfers, captain changes) must be made by the Gameweek deadline in order to take effect for that set of matches.

Deadlines are subject to change and will be 30 minutes before the kick-off time of the first match of the Gameweek. Usually each Friday at 6.30pm.

5. Scoring

During each gameweek, your fantasy football players will be allocated points based on their performance in the Belgian Jupiler Pro League.

Goalkeeper Defender Midfield Forward
Game Won 2
Game Draw 1
Game Lost -1
Not played -2
In Starting 11 5
Substitute out with less than 76 minutes played -2
Substitute in 3
For each goal scored 6 5 4 3
For each goal assist 5 4 3 2
For a clean sheet if 75 minutes played 4 4 1
For every 3 shot saves 1
For each penalty save 5
For each penalty miss -2
For every goal conceded from the second goals -1
For each yellow card -2
For straight red card -5
For each own goal -2

Clean sheets

A clean sheet is awarded for not conceding a goal whilst on the pitch and playing more than 75 minutes.

Red Cards

If a player receives a red card, they will continue to be penalised for goals conceded by their team.


Assists are awarded to the player from the goal scoring team, who makes the final pass before a goal is scored. An assist is awarded whether the pass was intentional (that it actually creates the chance) or unintentional (that the player had to dribble the ball or an inadvertent touch or shot created the chance). Assists are based on Pro Assist Century 21 ranking.
See official rules here.

Own Goals

There is no assist if a player shoots or passes the ball and forces an opposing player to put the ball in his own net.

Penalties and Free-Kicks

In the event of a penalty or free-kick, the player earning the penalty or free-kick is not awarded an assist if a goal is directly scored.

**For the avoidance of doubt, points awarded in-game are subject to change after the final whistle**

6. Leagues

After entering your squad, you can join and create leagues to compete with friends and other game players.

In a league, teams are ranked based on their total points in the game. You can join or leave a league at any point during the season.

Leagues are run over a number of phases:

League Types

Private Leagues

Private leagues are the heart and soul of the game, where you compete against your friends. Just create a league and then send out the unique code to allow your friends to join, easy!

Global Leagues

You are automatically entered into the following global leagues:

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